Welcome to Excel Beyond the Bell!

Our Excel Beyond the Bell Collaborative is a public-private partnership created by the Collaboration Council to inspire our youth to realize their full potential by offering safe, quality and accessible out-of-school time programs. Together with the Montgomery County Recreation Department and Montgomery County Public Schools, we offer the EBB Middle School Program at seven schools while striving to increase positive outcomes for youth across the county by creating and supporting a high-quality after school workforce.

“There are a lot of new things that I have learned, that you think you know as a parent, teacher, youth development practitioner, but you really just don’t, so I highly recommend to anyone to take this class!”

“EBB support was the best.  The staff at the schools were all positive, ready to go and informed about our kids.  I always felt that they had the kids’ best interests at heart and really wanted to provide them with a positive after school opportunity.”

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News & Announcements

  • Mental Health /Behavioral Health Specialist Position Available

    Mental Health /Behavioral Health Specialist. The Montgomery County Collaboration Council is seeking a dynamic, bilingual clinical professional with a masters in mental health, behavioral health, psychology, clinical social work, child and family counseling or a related field. The Mental Health Specialist will utilize excellent communication skills to coordinate the activities of Pathway to Services, the local access mechanism in Montgomery County, and to perform other clinical tasks and other behavioral health consultation. Click on Title Link for complete details. Position is open until filled.

  • Congratulations to the Scholarship Recipients!

    Excel Beyond the Bell is proud to recognize the 3 Scholarship Recipients for the EDUC 160X class being hosted at Montgomery College. The three scholarship recipients are: Lynette Burrell, Evelyn Flores Villatoro, and Chelsea Nunez.

    Congratulations again on receiving this wonderful scholarship! However, everyone else do not fret! There is still time and space left to register for the course. Sign up with the link in the title

  • International Youth Day 2015

    The 2015 International Youth Day theme is Youth Civic Engagement. Youth Civic Engagement, a main goal of the United Nations System-Wide Action Plan on Youth (Youth-SWAP), seeks to promote young people’s effective inclusive civic engagement at all levels. There has been recent increasing attention and policy and programming focus on youth civic engagement by governments, UN entities, regional and multilateral organizations, CSOs, youth and researchers. To learn more and to see what you can do to help, click the link above

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