Welcome to Excel Beyond the Bell!

Our Excel Beyond the Bell Collaborative is a public-private partnership created by the Collaboration Council to inspire our youth to realize their full potential by offering safe, quality and accessible out-of-school time programs. Together with the Montgomery County Recreation Department and Montgomery County Public Schools, we offer the EBB Middle School Program at seven schools while striving to increase positive outcomes for youth across the county by creating and supporting a high-quality after school workforce.

“There are a lot of new things that I have learned, that you think you know as a parent, teacher, youth development practitioner, but you really just don’t, so I highly recommend to anyone to take this class!”

“EBB support was the best.  The staff at the schools were all positive, ready to go and informed about our kids.  I always felt that they had the kids’ best interests at heart and really wanted to provide them with a positive after school opportunity.”

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News & Announcements

  • Create a safe place for LGBTQ students in your after-school program. Learn specific techniques for collaborating with staff and families around sexuality, orientations, and gender diversity. Attend Into the Rainbow 5/27. Register by 5/20. Only four spaces left!

  • Click the link for a great article on how Anxiety leads to disruptive behavior. Learn how to identify anxiety in children and how to give kids the tools to handle anxiety.

  • Anxiety and Defiance in Students is to be expected in youth work. Here is a great article on how to De-escalate an Anxious or Defiant student.