Community of Practice Trainings

  • This course focuses on making homework help time effective by helping youth get organized, by providing an atmosphere that helps youth focus on their work, and by building a supportive relationship with youth. These elements help participants reconsider Homework Help as an opportunity to build relationships and nurture positive growth, beyond getting the work done.

  • Advancing Youth Development Training, is an intensive 4 day professional development opportunity for community youth workers who work directly with youth, ages 10 to 24, in school, community or faith-based settings. In Advancing Youth Development (AYD) courses, youth workers learn the necessary tools and skills to better engage and support youth. Youth workers learn how to help youth navigate and use resources, identify their own strengths, and then define and achieve their goals.

  • Do you communicate with youth in a way that makes them feel supported and heard? This interactive workshop introduces various communication techniques that help you build more supportive, youth-centered relationships. Participants will learn how to ask more effective questions, to listen actively to youth, and offer youth encouragement rather than praise.

  • Do the youth in your program have opportunities to work together in groups, teaching and learning from each other? Cooperative learning is an excellent way to nurture youth leadership, build community, and keep things fun. This interactive workshop will equip participants with grouping strategies and ways to think about building cooperative learning into any program offering.